How to create patterns from Photoshop custom shapes tutorial

How to use Photoshop custom shapes to create amazing patterns / seamless tiles tutorial. Custom shapes / vector artworks can make wonderful Photoshop patterns in CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 CS4 etc.

Patterns from Photoshop shapes

custom shapes create photoshop patterns how to tutorial
  1. New document with transparent background

  2. Select custom shapes tool

  3. Select shape and set color via fill properties

  4. Apply shape to document

  5. Edit menu

  6. Define pattern command

  7. Filter menu

  8. Others

  9. Offset and set wrap around and horizontal and vertical shift

  10. Add more custom shapes (avoid the seams of the pattern tile)

  11. Edit menu

  12. Define pattern

You can use the above approach with custom shapes to create a near infinite number of patterns for Photoshop. You can use the same custom shapes over and over or change the custom shapes. The key thing is to avoid the seams of the pattern tile (unless you want a disjointed pattern)


You can use the same custom shape but change the color


You can use the the custom shapes in different sizes. If you use the custom shapes as layers then you can also rotate and transform the shape (though a way around this is to just re-define the custom shape at different angles and use it as a fill pixel).


You can also interweave the custom shapes with filters but some filters may destroy the seams and you will end up with odd breaks in your patterns.

Stroke only patterns from custom shapes

custom shapes stroke patterns create

As custom shapes can have a fill and outline, instead of using a fill just set the fill to blank or nil and use only the stroke setting to create and define the pattern. You can create some truly weird and wonderful patterns using outline shapes especially if you overlap the shapes.


With earlier versions of Photoshop, you can only add the stroke via the layer style menu and stroke setting (if the shape is a shape layer).



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