How to create patterns from Photoshop custom shapes tutorial

patternsHow to use Photoshop custom shapes to create amazing patterns / seamless tiles tutorial in C 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 CS4 etc.


New document with transparent background. Select CSH tool. Select shape and set color via fill properties. Apply shape to document. Edit menu. Define pattern command. Filter menu. Others menu. Offset and set wrap around and horizontal and vertical shift. Add more custom shapes (avoid the seams of the pattern tile). Edit menu. Define pattern


Video tutorial on the patterns subject by (youtube)


infiniteYou can use the above approach with the vector designs to create a near infinite number of tiles for use in the application via the presets panel.


You can use the same vectors over and over or change the vectors each and every application. The key thing is to avoid the seams of the tile (unless you want a disjointed tile)


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offsetYou can create tiles without the need for the offset filter but the tool makes it a lot easier to create far more complex designs. Best to work with the artworks in pixel mode. Apply the design in the center of the document and then go to the filter menu and others and then select the offset filter and set the horizontal and vertical to a certain percentage (can be 50% but -20% is fine as well) and wrap around.


Apply the filter and then go back to the tool and apply more designs to the image and then go back to the offset filter and repeat perhaps with different settings. You can always use the define command in the edit menu to test out the tile.


colorYou can use the same vector but change the color and as the vectors can be filled with solid colors as well as gradients and strokes and also tiles then literally millions of designs can be generated by combining the same artwork with different content.


Change the fill color by selecting one of the rectangle / ellipse etc tool and then go to the top bar and fill / stroke. Once you have changed the content to say gradients, you can also just double click the layer entry for that vector design and change the color.


transformYou can use the the vectors in different sizes. If you use the vector graphics as layers then you can also rotate and transform the graphic (though a way around this is to just re-define the custom shape at different angles and use it as a fill pixel).


You can also interweave the designs with filters but some filters may destroy the seams and you will end up with odd breaks in your tile. I would suggest perhaps using selections and feathering the selection and then applying the effects to the graphics


strokesAs CSH designs they can have a fill and outline. Instead of using a fill just set the fill to blank or nil and use only the stroke setting to create and define the pattern.


You can create some truly weird and wonderful patterns using outline designs especially if you overlap the artworks as you apply them.


With earlier versions of PS, you can only add the stroke via the layer style menu and stroke setting (if used as a layer)



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