Pixelate filter for Affinity Photo tutorial

pixelate filter affinity photo tutorial
  1. Filter menu in Affinity Photo

  2. Distort

  3. Pixelate filter (PF)

  4. Set quantilisation

  5. Click apply

The pixelate filter for Affinity Photo can be found in the distort sub menu of the filters menu list.


Video tutorial on the subject by graphicxtras.com (youtube)


It is a fairly basic filter for square designed designs / blocky designs but as with all filters, you can manipulate the results in countless ways by using other filters or repeating the effect over and over.


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duplicateSadly there is no blending mode option for the PF but a quick workaround to that is to duplicate the existing layer. Goto the layer menu and then use the duplicate command to duplicate the current image and then go to the filter menu and to the distort category and then run the PF and set the value for the effect and click ok and then go back to the layers panel and then change the blending mode to darken or difference etc. Of course, you can set the value of the blend before you run the effect as well


All kinds of interesting combinations can be generated by using multiple layers with multiple blending modes and different settings of quantisation.


effectYou don't have to use the effect once and you can apply it multiple times and you can also combine it with other effects such as blur which can be used to create some very interesting effects.


You can also re-color the result using live adjustment layers such as curves. Go to the layers menu and new adjustment layer and curves adjustment and set a value for this. You can apply it to the single layer or just apply above all the layers to have the curves adjustment effect all the layers


The result of combining a blur and the PF can be a lot softer.


You can create all kinds of interesting color effects by using the channels panel


Goto the View menu and studio and select the Channels. Select composite red and Apply PF and different setting. Select composite green and apply PF and yet another setting and click the little circular icon in the panel to return it back to the RGB


selection of affinity photo pixelate filter

You can also just create a selection and feather that selection and use that with the PF. So if you have a face in an image and only want to obscure the face then simply select the selection tools and select that area and apply the PF


For example, Select the elliptical marquee tool in the toolbox / toolbar. Create a selection over the face etc. Select menu and Feather and Set radius and apply. Goto to the filters menu and distort and PF and then apply to create an interesting blocky effect over a face or perhaps text etc


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