How to use displace filter in Affinity Photo Tutorial

How to use the powerful displace filter for Affinity Photo tutorial.

Displace filter in Affinity Photo

how to use displace filter in Affinity Photo
  1. Filter menu (in Affinity Photo)

  2. Distort category

  3. Displace (filter)

  4. Select strength

  5. Scale to fit (on / off)

  6. Load map from file (or the load map from layers beneath) PNG format map file

  7. Apply

The displace filter for Affinity Photo can be found in the distort section of the filter menu. The displace filter is fairly different from the other distort filters in that it requires an additional input and not just the image or resources


The effect shifts / moves the pixels of images based on another image (grayscale) and can be used to create wonderful glass like distortions.


As the effect uses any number of different source images as the map, all kinds of displacements and distortions can be created. The displace filter can be applied once or multiple times


Goto the Filters menu and then distort and use the effect again and set the strength followed by whether or not to scale to fit the map (depends on the size of the file for the best result there). Load the map from a file or use load from the layers beneath


The effect uses PNG fills so if you have a large selection of PSD from Photoshop then you will have to convert those if you wish to use them


The live layer filter can also be used on all the layers below or on one layer.


Select a layer or just use as is without any layers selected so the effect is applied to all the layers below. Goto the Layer menu and live filter layer and use Displace and set the strength and then the map as before and also now you can set the blending mode and opacity for the effect


The live filter layer can be moved to above all the layers or above some layers. It can be used with one layer. When you apply this to a layer, you will see the pixel layer along with the attached displacement map in Affinity Photo and effect. Click on the displace filter icon in the layers panel to change the settings.


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