How to use mirror filter in Affinity Photo tutorial

How to use the amazing symmetry creating mirror filter in Affinity Photo tutorial.

Mirror filter in Affinity Photo

how to use mirror filter in affinity photo tutorial
  1. Open document in Affinity Photo

  2. Filters menu

  3. Distort

  4. Mirror...

  5. Drag the mirror panel to where you wish to use it

  6. Change the number of mirrors (from the default of one)

  7. Change the input source angle

  8. Change the output source angle for the mirror filter

  9. Change the origin point for the mirror (by clicking the document)

  10. Apply

  11. Repeat (if required)

The mirror filter in Affinity Photo is found in the distort sub menu (part of the filter menu). Probably my favorite Affinity Photo filter with excellent interactive effects and the results can be used once or multiple times with the mirror filter to create all kinds of amazing artworks. You can use the mirror filter with images and type along with other presets such as brush strokes and patterns


The mirror filter can be used with type layers, with image layers, with fill layers (after rasterizing them) and more.


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