Rosette symbols

The rosette symbols / shapes for use in Illustrator CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 etc.

Rosette symbols

AI format, download


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The graphics are for use on the PC and MAC OS X. They are vectors for any size of work so you can use them super large as well as super small and anything in between. You can use the Illustrator rosette symbols all via the presets panel in AI. Once you have loaded them via the libraries panel, you can select the artworks from the library to include them in the document's library and on the artboards in that document. You can also convert the rose designs into new brushes as well as pattern swatches. You can also combine the art multiple times and use that as a new source of unique and amazing work for your projects. You can also simply add additional paths to the rose themed artwork. The graphics can be exported for use in other applications simply by adding the work to the creative cloud so they can be used in tools such as After Effects (use them in movies) or Photoshop etc or exporting them as PNG or PSD files for use in Affinity Designer etc. You can re-color the vector graphics in multiple ways such as using the dynamic features of the latest versions of CC (though you will need to convert them from static to dynamic) as well as re-color them using the color guide tool and the color balance tools. You can also re-color individual parts of the art by using tools such as live paint or simply ungrouping and expanding the art and selecting the individual paths. They are for commercial use as well as personal use, all the vector designs are royalty free, all are by / Andrew Buckle. You can use them multiple times in any projects. You can use them without any time constraints or time limits. No credit is required. You can use them to create backgrounds, illustrations, record covers, books, t-shirts, textiles, fabrics, surf boards, frames and much more. All were created in Illustrator using a variety of tools such as Mirrorme and plugins from this site. The sets include many different and unique graphics such as colorful designs, basic shapes, outlines, flowers, roses, red graphics, multi-colored artworks, frame themed designs, edged art, tribal designs, unusual arrangements, botanical formations, circular themed art, rosace designs, leaves, badge designs and many more. On purchase of any of the sets, you receive the AI files along with notes about their use and also a gallery of all the art and also a serial number. If you want to find out more about the shapes, the best source would be our videos on our channel 'graphicxtras' on where many videos are added relating to their use in the sprayer tool, use as brushes, how to install them and much more


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