How to create voronoi in Photoshop tutorial

How to create a voronoi effect in Photoshop CC 2018 - CS5 etc.

Create voronoi

voronoi diagram in Photoshop how to create tutorial
  1. New document for the voronoi in Photoshop

  2. Filter menu and noise

  3. Add noise (amount 150), uniform and OK

  4. Filter and pixelate

  5. Crystallize - cell size 50

  6. Filter menu (continue to make line voronoi)

  7. Stylize and Find edges

  8. Image menu

  9. Adjustments

  10. Black and white to create B&W voronoi

Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Variations : blurryAdd perhaps more noise. Or perhaps apply effects to the noise such as adding a blur to the source material. Use less noise as well. There are also different noises available in PS via the gallery filters. The result of the crystallize ends up very similar but if you use a blurry filter beforehand, the design does end up slightly more averaged out


Or apply adjustments to the noise such as hue / saturation and colorize in the image menu to create red noise which then can be turned into a red crystal effect


You can also repeat the effect multiple times to create variations there


Vary cell size : largeYou can also vary the cell size.


You can go for a small cell size and get a lot of color fragments in the image or you can go for a large cell size and create less colors


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Adjustments : black and whiteYou can re-color the generated artwork in numerous ways via the image menu and adjustments and then use color lookup to change the color of the generated diagram.


You can also use black and white adjustment to change it into a black and white diagram


Effects : edgeYou can make a smeary design by using oil paint filter. Or perhaps use the find edges filter to just create a line design.


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