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Random Point Generator Script In Illustrator | Graphicxtras

Random Point Generator Script In Illustrator | Graphicxtras (youtube)


The random point Illustrator generator creates a single line PC or mac on your art board. Takes the current fill / stroke color. You can make it fill the entire art board or just part of the art board. You can create 100 points or 1000 points in a second.


Doesn't matter (can be the scripts folder if you wish)

Latest Version

1.1 Added color switch for stroke and number of paths to make.

1.2 Added some additional alignment features + center point for all the paths June 2022

To Run

Go to the file menu and script and other.

Variable / User parameters

There are many


Set to something greater than zero. If you want a complex path then set to 40 or 50 etc


The range for the horizontal is set to 0 to 1000 and that is randomized. If you set it to 2000 or the document width etc you can fill the entire document.


The range for the vertical is set to 0 to -1000 and that is randomized or set it to 200 or 10 to make it a little thinner

Number of paths

You can set this to 1 or 2 or 3 etc, set it to 10 or 50.

Random Stroke color (Use current or not)

By default true and so will generate red, green etc in all kinds of way but turn it off and you will just get the current color.

LeftHorzDirection, LeftVertDirection etc

The handles. If you you want straight lines then set them to 0 but if you want a more doodle like effect then set them to 250, 250, -250, -250. They are not defining the position of the direction, they are added to the current anchor. You can always change the code to make it just set to a fixed direction value or not have the addition but just use them as the value instead to create some extreme artwork

Random Points

If set then instead of using always the fixed value, you can use the from 1 to fixed value so they could have 2, 4, 7 etc each time a path is created.

Random width

Internally referred to as width, this is the stroke weight. If set to ON then the value in the width field will be used, if not then it will just use the current weight


This can be 0, 1, 2.2, 20, 32.2 etc and is the value used for the weight between 0 and the entered value so if you put 10 then for each path generated, the weight could be 3.2 or 9.2 etc

Rel Pos

Uses a single start point so this can be 500, 500 or 500, -500 or 0,0 etc so all the first points for the paths are the same.

Rel x and rel y

The start position to use if the Rel Pos is set to true i.e. 0,0 or 400, -400 etc

Add Rel

If set to true then add the start positions, Rel X and Rel Y to the points to shift everything


Instead of just doing the randomisation to the artboard, this will be now spread over all the four quadrants if set to true. So the random values can now be 500, 500 or -500, 500 or -500, 500 or -500, -500 instead of just 500, -500 (which places the points in the current artboard). The 500 can be any value but I just want to show the positive and negative values can result.


You can download the set