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100 Robin shapes includes rough robin shapes, smooth robin shapes, hand drawn robin shapes, realistic shapes, flying robin shapes and many more for Photoshop, Indesign, Pages and others PC and MAC OS X. They are in true type TTF font format and EPS vector shapes format. Vectors for any size of work and designs. The robin shapes can be combined in 1000s of ways. Use the artworks in many different works such as books, web site designs, adverts, packaging, kits, leaflets, mugs, items for sale, calendars, ceramics, prints, bumper stickers, videos and more. Access all the robin shapes via the keyboard as you would typing any characters in any other font. The eps files can be loaded generally via the file open command as well as import command of many different applications and you can also just use a conversion tool to convert all the vector eps files into robin PNG or TIFF files if you wish.



The robin designs are a mix of silhouette designs, realistic hand drawn robins as well as edge designs and woodcuts. All the robin shapes are vectors for any size of work. The robin shapes are all applied here in black but they could easily be applied in green, red, brown, blue and other colors or you can use varying layer effects (though this does depend on the application but many now include some form of layer effects or visual effects) to create metallic robins, wooden robins, fabric robins and more.


The robin shapes are in a mix of different poses as well (they were all created using various renders in the excellent rendering software application, Poser 9 from Smith Micro - well worth checking out) and then captured as vector designs via the vector trace tools (recently improved in AI CS6). The robin font was then created using Fontlab (as was the demo of the robin font set which contains a selection of variants of designs of the robin)


The robin shapes can be used in most applications such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Indesign, Logoist, Apple Pages, Freehand, Studio Max and many other applications - though not all applications support fonts (most do)


The robin shapes are applied to the document via the keyboard - simply type A or B to generate the robin shape. If you are unsure which character to apply, you can always check the keyboard / design PDF document that comes with the font set and you can print this for future reference. There are also applications available that can display font characters (such as charmap).


The robin font shapes set also includes the designs in EPS format which can be opened and placed within many different applications - sometimes as a vector design and as raster (such as in Photoshop). The EPS robin shape designs can be generally set to any size (and this is often defined at loading) as well as any color. As a layer, the robin shapes can have layer effects applied as well as standard visual effects such as blurs and also extrude effects (if applicable) such as in Photoshop extended or Xara Designer.


Examples below for the wonderful Xara Photo & graphic designer 6. Now on version 8, so there must be even more features to this lovely vector application by now.


At this point, effects can be added to the robin as can bevel, shadow effects, live effects and more.


robin wordpad


Above shows one of the robin font shapes in Microsoft WordPad (it could equally be Microsoft Works, Microsoft Word or any other of the Microsoft Word related applications). As with all application, what you can do with the robin varies (wordpad doesn't include any great layer effects such as metallic effects) but you can change the size as well as the color of the robin shape. You can also use the robin shapes in the other Microsoft Office applications such as Visio, PowerPoint, Excel (and probably even Access)


robin IS design


If you want to edit the robin shape in many different ways then the best approach is to use an application such as Fontlab (they were created in Fontlab) but a vector application such as AI is probably best - but a free application such as the excellent IS application can also use the robin designs in many ways - even to the point of display a robin in red instead of just black. You can also apply blends and much more as well as manipulate the design in countless ways. You can also apply effects / filters / extensions to manipulate the robin shapes. You can also use the vast range of export features to export the robin designs as SVG, PDF, sk1 and more



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