Save selections in Illustrator

Learn how to use the save selection of paths in Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 etc tutorial. This is a quick way to re-choose a group of red themed paths or paths filled with swatches etc

Tutorial steps

how to save selections in Illustrator tutorial
  1. Create a path and set the color etc (you need some paths to use the save selections feature in Illustrator)

  2. Create another path and set the color etc, create additional paths

  3. Pick all the paths you wish to store in the entry

  4. Go to the select menu

  5. Pick the save selection (in Illustrator) command and you will see a new entry appear in the menu (give it a name) and this is the current chosen paths (or points)

That is it. OK, now you have your stored set of paths and you can just work with other paths now. If you want to restore the collection of selected paths, go to the entry in the menu and apply - simple as that.


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