How to use halftone pattern on images in Sumo Paint tutorial

How to use the halftone pattern filter on images etc in Sumo Paint tutorial

Halftone pattern filter

halftone pattern filter in sumo paint how to tutorial
  1. Open image in sumo paint

  2. Set color in the toolbar such as foreground to black and background to white (this depends on the image to the result such as including transparency)

  3. Filters

  4. Pixelate and Halftone pattern

  5. Set pattern scale (smaller the better)

  6. Set pattern shape such as square or hexagon etc (they all have their uses)

  7. Settings such as constrain ON, frame shape ON (useful for empty space / hollow / outline effect)

  8. Set double pattern (creates an unusual combination of pattern) and subtractive fill (interesting with pattern scale)

  9. Scale offset to create more intense light and dark halftone patterns in sumo paint

  10. Click OK

  11. Go to the filters and pixelate and halftone pattern and re-apply but use a different scale and pattern shape diamond etc

The halftone pattern filter can be used in combination with itself multiple times with different settings of scale offset and frame shape and scale and pattern shape. The combination of the halftone patterns can be used to create countless unique halftone pattern designs from any image

Halftone pattern filter on layers

  1. Open image in Sumo Paint

  2. Layer and duplicate layer

  3. Work on the duplicate layer

  4. Filters and pixelate and halftone pattern

  5. Set scale, pattern shape, offset etc such as using circles etc but in this case, you will see the original behind

  6. Click OK

  7. Layer menu and flatten image

You can, of course, create multiple duplicate layers or perhaps use different images as layers and combine those with different halftone pattern filter effects. You can also combine the halftone pattern layers eith other effects such as blurs to create a blurry halftone pattern effect etc as well as combine the layers with different blending modes via the layer palette / panel. You can also transform the halftone pattern layers and combine those.