How to use spiral gradient in Sumo Paint tutorial

How to use the spiral gradient feature in Sumo Paint to create amazing gradients in seconds

Spiral gradient in Sumo Paint

sumo paint pro spiral gradient how to use  tutorial
  1. Open image or new document

  2. Go to the gradient fill tool in Sumo Paint toolbar and go to type (top bar) and select spiral gradient

  3. Select a gradient

  4. Set hue and saturation etc or randomize the gradient

  5. Set the blending mode (normal)

  6. Set spiral (change decay)

  7. Set mode such as single point or double center point for the spiral gradient (or square pattern with contour which is one of the more interesting ones)

  8. Set divisions for the spiral gradient - the more the better for some extreme contours (likewise set reflected to ON)

  9. Set blending mode to difference (or something different from normal)

  10. Re-apply the gradient over the existing gradient design (stop if you don't want to add any effects etc)

  11. Filters menu in Sumo Paint

  12. Distort

  13. Kaleidoscope and set divisions, direction and scale (set great than one to zoom into the center of the spiral gradient combination)