How to use crenellate filter in Illustrator tutorial

How to use crenellate filter / plugin (part of Curvius) in Illustrator to create fascinating stroke effects

Crenellate (curvius) filter in Illustrator

crenellate filter effect curvius how to use tutorial
  1. Select a path in Illustrator

  2. Effect menu

  3. Curvius

  4. Crenellate

  5. Set distance (larger for more spacing between type)

  6. Set scaling and slant / skew

  7. Other options such as flip (to create a nice in and out)

  8. Varying such as adding a scale along the curve (and skew) for some variation

  9. Type such as square, spike, triangle, semi circle etc

  10. OK

You can use the filter to create all kinds of lovely crenellation stroke effects.


You can use closed and open paths.


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You can use the effect via the effects menu as well as the filters (object). You can apply the effect multiple times to create many unique designs which can be further manipulated in the other tools


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