Triangle Brushes In Affinity Photo | How To

The vector shapes in the tools panel can all be used as a source for a brush, such as a the triangle tool and turning that it into a raster / pixel layer via the rasterize command in the layer menu. Once converted, you can then goto the brushes panel and right side menu and create brush from selection. The shape can be modified in many ways, the color set to red or green, it can have a stroke added, styles can be added such as 3D, you can use more than one shape and much more. You can also add effects to the design such as going to the filter menu and blurs and Gaussian and then saving that selection also. Once you have added that resource, they you can double click that resource / preset and edit it and change the size, spacing, hue jitter, saturation jitter, spacing and much more and create many unique strokes for use throughout Affinity Photo


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