Create 3D models in Microsoft Paint 3D tutorial

Learn how to create and export 3D models in Microsoft Paint 3D

Tutorial steps

export 3d models using Microsoft 3D paint
  1. Start Paint 3D application via search box on Windows 10

  2. New

  3. Goto 3D panel in Paint 3D

  4. Goto right side menu and select a 3D model such as man or woman or sphere

  5. Use mouse on document to size the new 3D model creation

  6. Use controls on the created 3D to rotate the design, position it in 3D space, resize etc

  7. Click the edit color in the panel to re-color the 3D model and select polished metal etc from color dropdown

  8. Menu

  9. Export file and select 3D - GLB or other button for 3D GLB format and 3MF


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