How to create halftone images in Photoshop tutorial

How to use bitmap mode in Photoshop to create screens / halftone images in CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 etc.

Halftone / screen images in Photoshop

create halftone screen images in Photoshop tutorial
  1. Open image

  2. Go to the image menu and mode and grayscale

  3. Goto to the image menu and mode and bitmap

  4. Use halftone screen method and output = 72 (or whatever)

  5. Click OK

  6. Frequency 53 and Angle 45 and ellipse (or round, square etc) or set frequency to 1 to create a very coarse screen halftone effect

  7. OK

  8. Image menu

  9. Mode and RGB

Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Shapes : shapesThere are a number of shapes to use with this method.


You can use








You can also combine them by repeating the conversion (swap between grayscale and bitmap again)


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Frequency : Set this too high and with a small image and you will see a very fine black and white image but the shapes will not be so visible, set to the frequency to 3 and you will see the shapes. Trial and error as this depends on the image. Sadly there is no preview option with the bitmap mode


Return to RGB : rgbYou can quickly return to RGB etc by going to the image menu and selecting grayscale and then RGB.


You can then add effects etc and always then re-do the conversion back to bitmap.


Crude Lines : crudeYou can create super crude horizontal lines through the image by using lines shape and angle set to 0 and frequency to one.


You can use it with lines and angle set to 90 and frequency of one as on the right


Actually the frequency of 1 seems to be the key thing to create some very crude image with about any image and even the result itself can be re-used after applying some modification such as a blur


Repeat applies : You can use the grayscale to bitmap and apply the shapes etc and then go back to grayscale and then bitmap and not much happens.


However, go back to grayscale and apply an effect such as a gaussian blur and then go back to bitmap and the result can be very different.


Using the line shapes and with an angle of 0 for the first bitmap followed by a gaussian blur and then bitmap again with line shapes and angle of 90 (with a frequency of one) can result in a wavy look.


All kinds of combinations can then be generated to create a selection of interesting black and white designs.


Adjustments : Once you return the black and white image back to RGB mode then you can add adjustments and color effects to turn the black and white into a green image say (apply a rectangle at 50% opacity over the image in green)


Or use the hue and saturation and colorize option to turn the black and white into a color design as with the image on the right.


Change the hue but also remember to change the saturation and lightness


Creating shapes : You can take the result of the bitmap and use selections / magic wand to select the black (use select similar from the select menu) and then the path panel and work path to create a path from your image and then use the define custom shape menu command in the edit menu to create a new custom shape from the image.


If used as a layer, you can distort and transform as well as add styles etc


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