How to open and place EPS into Photoshop Tutorial

How to open EPS vector artworks in Photoshop. You can use the open command as well as place command in CC 2018 - CS5etc

Open EPS vectors in Photoshop

How to open and place EPS into Photoshop Tutorial
  1. File and open (or open as smart object - better) command in Photoshop

  2. Select the EPS vector file via your explorer / browser to open

  3. Set the width and height

  4. Set the resolution (300)

  5. Set the color mode / image mode to CMYK or RGB or LAB or grayscale

  6. Set anti-aliased to ON (or not) and Constrain proportions to ON (or not)


Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Access via open command : command to accessYou can access the file via the open command and you will need to set the size and resolution but any changes made to transformations and effects will be destructive on that image. The resolution is of use if you are printing.


If you are just using it for web pages etc then the dimensions are key


Buy Price :$6.49 US Dollars 100 Grid shapes font in true type as well as EPS + OTF bonus - all for use in PS and PS Elements (V156) gallery


Use as a smart object : smart objectYou can access the file via the open as smart object command. You will still need to set the size and resolution and color mode for the file.


This options does mean that you can quickly re-edit the artwork via Illustrator (as long as that application is available if you are using Creative Cloud) The linked smart object also means that if the artwork is externally updated (such as in AI) the object itself is updated as a shared resource. You can also use the smart object to perform rotations etc in a non destructive way as well as add effects to the object without permanently damaging the vector design.


The only annoying feature is that brushes are off limit until you convert it to a regular image / layer


Place the file : placeYou can also place the file into the application. There are two option. They are both loaded as smart objects and can have effects and transformations added. The big difference is the linked means there is a link back to a shared resource so the image can be updated in another application and then updated in PS.


When you place the vector file, there is still the display of the size and resolution etc but you can always re-size the design using the bounding box before finally clicking OK.


The embed option adds to the file size.


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