Logoist and import paths

Learn how to import an AI Illustrator path / designs or paths into Logoist and then add amazing effects tutorial

Tutorial steps

How to import Illustrator paths into Logoist Tutorial
  1. Create a vector path or open an AI document with a vector path (s) as well as symbols etc (for use in Logoist) in Illustrator

  2. Start Logoist with a new document

  3. Select the vector artwork to be imported

  4. Drag from the artboard to the desktop or to a folder

  5. Note: the picture clipping file can be renamed to a PDF file, it is a PDF format file (why it doesn't make that clear is baffling)

  6. Goto the desktop or wherever you placed the path file and then drag that document into Logoist and it will then appear in the currently opened document where you can then add presets or other effects to the item.

Video tutorial on the subject by graphicxtras.com (youtube)


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