Line brush creation

Learn how to create an intense line brush in Photoshop tutorial, create amazing designs for CC 2018 2017 2015 etc

Tutorial steps

how to create photoshop intense line brushes
  1. File / New Photoshop document for the intense line brush - Say 2000 x 2000

  2. Select the rectangle tool / lines in Photoshop

  3. Set the color to black via the toolbox / set as shape layer

  4. Draw the rectangle from the top of the document to the bottom and create a thin rectangle - add this to the far left and then add another a few pixels away (leaving some white gap) perhaps with the same size of rectangle or slightly different.

  5. Repeat this over and over for about 1/4 of the document though you can do this all the way across the document - it is just quicker to just use 100 or so lines and repeat them.

Video tutorial on the topic by (youtube)


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