How to create a line brush in Photoshop tutorial

Learn how to create an intense line brush in Photoshop tutorial, create amazing designs for CC 2018 2017 2015 etc

Create line brush for Photoshop

how to create photoshop intense line brushes
  1. File / New Photoshop document for the intense line brush - Say 2000 x 2000

  2. Select the rectangle tool / lines in Photoshop

  3. Set the color to black via the toolbox / set as shape layer

  4. Draw the rectangle from the top of the document to the bottom and create a thin rectangle - add this to the far left and then add another a few pixels away (leaving some white gap) perhaps with the same size of rectangle or slightly different.

  5. Repeat this over and over for about 1/4 of the document though you can do this all the way across the document - it is just quicker to just use 100 or so lines and repeat them.

Video tutorial on the topic by (youtube)


You can use the artworks as layers and duplicate the work and create ever more complex groups of linear work.


Create rectangular layer multiple times : multipleThe key thing here is the rectangle layer - it is a vector and can be any size and can be duplicated over and over and combined in millions of ways to produce an unlimited set of designs


Select rectangle layers via the layers panel and layer menu.


Create multiple thin and thicker rectangle lines (from top to the bottom of the document). Combine shapes and then the Unite command.


Duplicate groups of lines : thin design layersAlt / option key and duplicate the combined shapes and then shift them either totally away from the original layer or overlap the existing layers.


There also can be combined using the layers menu combine command.


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Transformations : transformYou can also transform the work to create even more complex structures within the design


Select a layer with the design. Check the show transform controls is ON (top corner). Use the bounding box / transform controls to now stretch the work to the right or left which then will squeeze or widen the design


This can be repeated with all the layers or just one. Another option is to drag the layers on top of the others as well as transforming the layers.


Vary the color : colorThe artwork has been designed with black (and white) in mind but as strokes can be defined as a grayscale, you can also add into the art a number of gray stripes. You can add a variety of grays.


Add them either using the initial groupings or add them to the artwork afterwards to give a little more variety to the stroke.


Unite all the lines : variationsYou can also simply re-select all the layers and then go to the layer menu and use the combine shapes command and make a single layer from all the work.


You can also add a lot more variations in the work by selecting the rectangle tool and adding additional linear art into the mix throughout.


You can add all kinds of additional paths to the artwork to add some variation and randomness to the work.


Define the intense line brush : define commandNow you can define the work via the edit menu - go to the define command


Now you have your line design for PS as well as PS Elements (you can also export the result as a PNG file).


You can now use the preset in all the tools in the toolbar - you can also use the exported artwork as a resource in other tools such as Krita and Affinity Photo and GIMP etc


Using the stroke : settingsHow to use the generated artwork ? Select the various tools in the toolbar and apply in black. Set the color to red and re-apply and then set the color to blue say and re-apply.


You can also go to the settings panel for the strokes via the window menu and then set up some shape dynamics as well as scattering as well as dual settings and color dynamics for the dab. You can then define a new preset via the right side menu.


The artworks also work well with other tools like the art history tool with different styles.


Define as patterns : patternThe designs can also be used well as a pattern and they can be defined via edit menu define pattern command


There are 1000s of other ways of using the created artworks (as well as many 1000s of possible variations of the tool). You can also use the design with other tools such as the blur tool and clone tool


You can also use the result of a new layer fill content pattern as a great source for additional similar themed strokes to be defined via the edit menu


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