How to use search in Photoshop tutorial

Learn how to use the new search feature command in Photoshop CC 2018 2017 to access help / tutorials / command. New in CC 2018 2017. Use To find commands as well as tutorials and stock photos.

Search in Photoshop

new search and help feature in Photoshop
  1. Edit menu in Photoshop to find search feature in Photoshop (search for tutorials, stock photos etc)

  2. Search command

  3. Select photoshop or learn or stock etc

  4. Enter a search term into the entry field to see all the results appear in the dialog / panel. Select the entry and you will then be taken to that command or file or help tutorial etc

Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


A great new feature in PS - you can use it in 2017 as well as 2018 and hopefully, 2019 and beyond.


Location of feature : commandsThe search can be found in the edit menu. It is a tool for application and not the current opened document. It is for content and tutorial etc.


When you select the command, it displays a panel with a number of options as tabs across the top of the panel


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To select function : tabsTo use, select the tab / section you want to use such as stock photos etc






Just added with 2018, Lr Photos


Find commands : panelsGoto to the "Photoshop" tab, If you want to find a particular command such as the open command or the art history brush then just type the words "art". You will then see entries such as the artboard tool but at the top you will see the art history brush (confusingly the custom shapes tool also appears).


Click the command entry in the panel / dialog and you will be taken straight to the menu command - a quick and easy way to access commands in Photoshop CC 2018 2017 - super useful if you can't exactly recall where the command is.


Find tools : toolsIf you want to find tools, you can also simply type brush and it will then display a list of the all the related tools such as clone as well as the define brush command and brush settings panel etc.


Click the tool entry and you will be taken straight to the tool in the toolbar so if you select the clone then the clone tool will be the one selected.


Find panels : findYou can also do the same for panels so all the brush related panels etc can be found very quickly and clicking on the entry takes you directly to that panel.


Layers : layersIf you have 100s of layers and want to find a layer that you have listed as 'shape 2' (say) then you can click that in the list and you will be taken directly to that layer in the layers panel. You no longer need to scroll up and down the panel to find a particular entry.


It has to be said that the layers find does generate a lot of entries in the panel so it can be equally hard to scroll through that list finding the required entry


Multiple entries in the list : entriesOf course, you can enter any command such as layer and that will list a lot of entries such as layer via copy and also layer and export as and layer comps etc and then just click that entry as required. Some find terms will generate a lot of entries. You may have to enter a little more than a single word to limit the number of entries.



Recent files opened : recent filesIf you want to access your most recent files then the "PS" section also offers a quick way of accessing those files but only the ones matching the entered text / name of the file


To find the most recent files containing 'pyram' (or any other word, of course) just go the to dialog and type 'pyram' (pyramid etc) in the "Photoshop" section. You will see the dialog / panel results being filled with all the files with the word pyram (containing etc and not just starting with). You will now be able to select and click and open the files with that term such as colorful-pyramid.png etc (the list also shows the path to the file as well as the name).


The recently opened files will appear in the list and you can then quickly select and open those files - all very useful - you can see an example with my most recent opened files on the left. To be honest, not sure how far the recent file list goes back though so it may not include every file you have ever opened in PS.


The only issue with the recent files is that there is no way of sorting them beyond the default sort which may or may not be useful to you. The search in Photoshop hopefully will have even more updates in future



Learn / tutorials : learn tutorialsThe "learn" section gives a quick access to the tutorials from Adobe and in most cases, it is a simple help guide.


Hopefully the "learn" will be extended to include other tutorials in the Adobe universe as well as TV and videos (and perhaps youtube videos ? such as the ones available from graphicxtras).


To find details about custom shapes, go to the learn tab / section and type 'custom shapes' and you will then see all the tutorials on custom shapes on You can simply click on that and the web page will be displayed in your current default browser



Stock Photos : stock photoThe next section is the "Stock" and that is fairly clear, it is yet another quick route into the vast selection of photos and images head in their stock collection.


You can do much the same via the file menu as well as new command and so on (I am suspecting that Adobe Stock links will end up in all the commands at some point - surely when you run the oil paint filter you will want to look at some more stock images ?)


The search in Photoshop opens up a huge range of new creative options for your projects


Lr Photo : serviceWith 2018, there is now a "Lr Photo" tab / section which is a way to find a particular Lightroom photo (I must admit, something I rarely do but for Lightroom users this is yet another wonderful feature to pull up a selection of files for use in PS)


Note if you are not connected some of the panels will show very little


Summary : This is a really useful feature and hopefully will be an area that Adobe will add to more and more features (as well as keeping the whole area reasonably easy to use). It can be seen as a central conduit to all the features of the application as well as a central point for opening files etc and the huge resources of the Adobe Stock Photos


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