How to export Photoshop patterns tutorial

How to export a Photoshop pattern to another such as Affinity Photo, PaintShop Pro, Illustrator etc tutorial

Export patterns from Photoshop to Affinity etc

How to export Photoshop patterns to Affinity Photo, PSP etc tutorial
  1. Display Photoshop patterns panel via edit / fill command

  2. Hover over required Photoshop pattern to find size for the export

  3. Create new document with that file size

  4. Fill with pattern

  5. Save pattern file as PNG or TIFF etc (export the tile) for use with Affinity Photo, PSP etc


Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Find size of preset : diamond presetsYou can find the size of the tile by hovering over the preset in the panel. This is useful as then you can create a document with the exact size so there will not be any requirement for scaling or possible damage to the seams of the tile.


You can, of course, create a document in multiples of that size so if you have a tile of 200 x 200 then you can create a document 1000 x 1000 and then use the fill content etc to fill it with more copies of the tiles (again, will still be seamless). You can then manipulate the core of the design with other tools by using selections


Buy Price :$6.49 US Dollars 100 Polka dot seamless tiles for use in Affinity Photo, PS etc (V9) gallery


Create document for tile : tile createYou can then create a document and then fill that with the tile via the edit menu and the artwork will be seamless


The tile can then be manipulated with tools such as adjustments before converting the work for use in another application such as Illustrator and Affinity Photo etc.


You can also use selections to make certain that the seams are untouched by effects (perhaps use feathering with the selection).


Best format for tile : psdThe best format to use is probably TIFF or PNG or PSD for maximum support in other applications


Generate tile for other applications : saveThere are a number of commands to save files from Photoshop and I generally still use the save as command found in the file menu and use the PNG format


There are a number of options for saving files in PS

Save as

Save for web


Copy into the CC libraries for use in Illustrator etc


Use in PaintShop Pro : polka dotsThe presets can be used in PaintShop Pro / PSP as PNG format files. You can always open the files and save them as PSP files if you wish but there is no need to convert the seamless tiles.


Copy the PNG file to the patterns folder of Corel PaintShop Pro / PSP and then they will be accessible via the material's panel in the X9 X8 etc versions.


You can set the location of the PSP file locations/ folders for various resources via the preferences


Affinity Photo / Designer : bitmap toolWith Affinity Photo and Designer, you can access the tile PNG files via the gradient tool and bitmap option etc and within that, you can then rotate and re-size.


Would love to see additional features such as color settings etc but you can always combine the fill layers with additional effects such as adjustment layers to re-color the artwork as well as live filter layers in Affinity Photo to add all kinds of variations to the copied designs.


Illustrator : illustratorYou can use PNG for Illustrator and then use the file place command to import the artwork.


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