How to create two triangle pattern in Photoshop tutorial

How to create a two triangle pattern in Adobe Photoshop tutorial in CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 etc

Create two triangle pattern in Photoshop

two triangle photoshop pattern combo
  1. Select the rectangle tool in Photoshop (basis of the triangle pattern)

  2. Go to the settings at the top of the page

  3. Set the option to fixed - so it matches the dimensions of the document. So if your document is 600 x 600 then set the fixed size for the shape to 600 x 600 (options for the shapes)

  4. Set the option to layer

  5. Set the color to whatever (red, green etc) for the first part of the 'two' triangle pattern

Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Add base rectangle : rectangleNow, you can use the rectangle tool to add the shape. Go to the options panel and set to 'fixed' and set the size to 400 x 400 or 600 x 600 etc as required. Use the layer shape option. Now apply on the artboard.


You can use the little position indicator that appears as you move the vector layer and make certain it is set to 0,0 and release the design. You will now have the vector layer covering the entire document



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Duplicate the layer and remove point : setupDuplicate the existing layer and that is done via the layer and duplicate layer menu command or via the layer panel.


Now you have two layers.


Select the delete anchor point tool via the toolbox (beneath the pen tool depending on the customization of the Photoshop toolbar).


Go to the bottom right corner of one of the top layer and remove the point (a dialog will pop saying that the shape will be turned into a regular shape, say OK).


Recolor the layer : tileNow you will see a two paths but it still needs some additional work (you can of course make other variants of the above by using multiple layers and removing a single point from them and then using the direct selection tool to manipulate points to create perhaps a quadrant effect instead of just the two color model


Re-color the tile layer by going to the layer panel and selecting the shape and then selecting the rectangular tool to display the fill and stroke. Set the stroke to nil and set the fill to say a lighter blue (or lighter green or red etc it is up to you). Select the solid color option unless you want to fill the tile with gradients etc.


Flatten the layers : flattenNow you have a two colored tile spread over two layers so go to the layers menu and flatten them


Add additional paths : variantYou can also at this point add additional paths to the artwork such as perhaps text in one of the sides of the design or perhaps add multiple spots and dots or stars etc to create a number of variant designs.


Or perhaps add images to the paths


Define the tile : defineNow you need to define the tile and that is done via the edit menu and define command.


Use as fill layer etc : blue and dark blueOnce you have the tile saved to your presets panel, you can then select it and use it in layer fill content, stamps, layer styles, brush textures etc


Goto the layer menu and new fill layer command and select the pattern option and then select the generated design and set the scale, perhaps to 25%. You can also shift the origin of the layer.


Re-color with adjustments : adjustmentsOf course, you can also re-color the tile (two combination) and define that as well.


You can either approach it via a destructive image menu and adjustments and then use the hue and saturation and change the hue setting etc or you can use the layer menu and create a new adjustment layer and select the hue and saturation and adjust the settings for that via the properties. You can then re-color your artwork tile in many ways. Another option would be to use selections and select the color individually and re-color one side of the color independently


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