Color triangle pattern creation

How to create a colorful triangle pattern in Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 etc tutorial.

Tutorial steps

how to create triangular with color overlap color triangle pattern Photoshop
  1. Create guides in Photoshop for the color triangle pattern via the view menu and new guide layout (set to 10 x 10 say)

  2. Use pen tool to create a triangle from the edge (left side) to the center - select the shape option

  3. Click from the two points on the edge to the center and back to the first point to close the path.

  4. Repeat on the right side of the tile and change the color of the fill - make certain the edge points match on the opposite side. The colors do not need to match.

  5. Repeat this all the way down the left side and match on the right side.

  6. Now go to the top and do the same creating two points along the top edge using the guide to the center and closing the path. Repeat again using the same points along the bottom and change the color via the fill dropdown

  7. Once you have finished your colorful triangles

  8. Edit menu

  9. Define pattern (for the color triangle tile)


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