Tutorials on Adobe Illustrator (polar grids, flares ...)

Vast collection of tutorials about Illustrator CC etc, learn how to use the Illustrator tools

General Information and tutorials about Adobe ® Illustrator ® such as blob brushes, wrinkle tool etc

Blend tool and how to blend objects

How to blend objects in Illustrator


Blending type objects in Illustrator

How to blend type objects


Blob Brush

How to use the blob brush


Broken circular track and scissors tool

How to create a cut circular design using scissors in Illustrator


Brush strokes and the polar grid

How to use the polar grid tool with brush strokes


Concentric circles using polar grid

How to create concentric circles with polar grid tool


Copy Paths From Illustrator to Logoist

How to copy paths from Adobe Illustrator into the powerful logo creator 'logoist'


Crop image (CC2017)

How to use the crop image tool in Illustrator


Curvature tool

How to create paths with the curvature tool in Illustrator


Dotted line creation

How to create dotted lines in seconds


Ellipse Live / circle Shapes Tutorial

How to use the ellipse live path


Eraser tool

How to use the eraser tool


Export polar grids to Photoshop

How to export and use polar grids in Photoshop


Export SVG files

How to export SVG files from Illustrator into Dreamweaver etc


Flare Tool

How to use the flare tool with rings etc


Fontself extension for OTF

How to use the fontself extension to create OTF files (fonts)


Glyphs in Illustrator

How to use the glyph panel with fonts


Join tool / trims

How to use join tool to join paths


Line Segment Tool

How to create lines using line segment tool


Mesh tool / gradient mesh

How to create amazing meshes in Illustrator


Mosaic effect via crop

How to create mosiac / block effects in Illustrator using crop tool


Multiple rings using polar grid

How to create multiple rings with polar grid tool


Pie slice in Illustrator creation

How to create a pie slice in Illustrator CC 2017 etc


Polar Grid Tool Tutorial

How to use the polar grid tool in Illustrator


Radial designs and the polar grid

How to create amazing radial designs using polar grid tool


Rectangular grid tool

Create rectangular grids in Illustrator


Sea wave effect using mesh tool

How to create sea waves using the gradient mesh features


Spirals and how to enhance

How to create some amazing spirals


Starbursts and polar grid tool

How to create starburst designs using polar grid


Tilde / grave tricks for multiple paths

How to generate 100s of paths using the tilde / grave keyboard character in Illustrator


Transformations and polar grid tool

How to apply transformations to the polar grid


Variable width strokes / width tool

How to use the width tool and use with variable width stroke profiles


Variable width strokes and polar grid

How to use variable width profiles with the polar grid paths


Warp type in Illustrator

How to warp type in Illustrator to create amazing type designs


Where is pathfinder tool

Where is the pathfinder tool in Illustrator ?


Wrinkle tool

Distort and warp and crease paths in Illustrator using the wrinkle tool