Tutorials on Corel ® Painter Nozzles, Grains ...

Tutorials on Corel ® Painter 2017 2016 2015 X3 X2 etc such as nozzles image hose / patterns / paper texture grains


3D Paint texture to images

How to add 3D splatter texture to images


Blobs filter

How to use the blobs filter with paste buffer, patterns etc


Capturing Paper Textures

How to capture paper textures / grains


Capturing Patterns

How to capture patterns


Clone source

How to use nozzles as a clone source



How to make a mosaic in the app


Mosaic masks creation

How to create a mosaic mask


Place elements command

How to create amazing nozzle effects using place elements


Pop art fill effect

How to create a pop art fill effect with images etc


Spiral halftone gradient effect

How to create spiral halftone gradient effect


Victorian paper marbling

How to create victorian paper marbling




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