Tutorials on Photoshop Gradients

Tutorials on Photoshop gradients and how to use them throughoutCC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 CS4 etc and Elements


3D models from gradients

How to create interesting and abstract 3D models using gradients


Blending modes and gradients

How to combine gradients using blending modes


Channels and gradients

How to use color channels with Photoshop gradients


Create contours using gradients

How to create a contour design using gradients


Create a new gradient

How to create new Photoshop gradient


Create a colorful alternating gradient

How to create a super colorful alternating gradient in Photoshop


Fill layers and gradients in Photoshop

How to add fill layers / gradients in Photoshop


Frames creation

How to create a frame using Photoshop gradients


Ghostly text and type, how to create

How to create ghostly text in Photoshop (using gradients)


Gradient Map Adjustments

How to use the gradient maps adjustments in Photoshop


Image Modes for gradients

How to use image modes / color modes such as LAB etc with gradients


Install and Load gradients

How to load and install the gradients into Photoshop


Layer Styles and gradient overlays

How to use layer styles and gradients


Linear, radial, diamond etc styles

How to use the linear etc gradient styles in Photoshop


Psychedelic Ripples creation

How to create psychedelic effects using gradients


Scratchy Textures creation

Create scratches texture using noise gradients in Photoshop


Transparency and opacity and how to add

How to add transparency / opacity to Photoshop gradients


Type / Text use with gradients

How to use gradients with type / text in Photoshop


Vertical gradients

How to apply vertical gradients in Photoshop

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