Tutorials on patterns for Photoshop, Elements, PSP ...

A selection of tutorials on Photoshop / PSP / Elements / Krita / Clip Studio / Affinity etc patterns


Binary code creation (D)

Create binary code / matrix / computer code tiles


Brick fills(D)

How to use brick fill script


Checkerboards (D)

How to create a quick checkerboard tiles


Color Triangle creation (D)

How to create triangle tiles


Define presets (D)

How to create / define a new presets


Export / Copying to other apps (D)

How to export designs to other applications


New brush creation (D)

How to create amazing brushes


Pyramid tile creation (D)

How to create a pyramid tiles


Random color grid creation (D)

How to create random color grids


Random fill scripts (D)

How to use random fill scripts in PS


Random noise pixels in Photoshop creation (D)

How to create random noise / pixels in PS


Re-color using adjustments (D)

How to recolor them using adjustments


Rectangle Shapes for Backgrounds (D)

How to create rectangular themed designs for backgrounds


Two Triangle Color creation (D)

Create two triangle tiles


Video tutorials (D)

Selection of videos by us on youtube



Keywords : Tutorials on patterns for Photoshop, Elements, PSP ...



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