Tutorials on plugins and filters for Photoshop, psp ...

Tutorials on plugins, filters, effects for Photoshop, psp etc and how to use them


Analog Efex Pro 2 / color effects(D)

How to use the powerful Analog efex pro 2 filter


Bas relief filter gradient creation (D)

How to create wonderful gradients using bas relief filter


Bas relief filter and 3D landscape creation (D)

How to create weird landscapes in 3D style


Cutout filter and abstract art creation(D)

How to use the cutout filter for unusual abstract designs


Displace filter (D)

How to use the displace in PS


Effects modes for Andrew's Plugins tutorial(D)

A quick guide to the Andrew's plugins powerful effects modes


Flame filter / render tool (D)

How to use the flame filter in Photoshop


Fragment filter(D)

How to use the fragment / fragmentation filter


Glass filter (D)

How to use the glass filter in Photoshop


Install Photoshop plugins 8BF (D)

How to install Photoshop plugins / filters


Maximum filter in Photoshop(D)

How to use maximum filter for amazing light effects


Twirl filter in Photoshop (D)

How to use the twirl distortion tool



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