Tutorials on Photoshop custom shapes

Tutorials on Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 etc including how to install, create, etc


3D extrusions

How to create 3D extrusions


Add Multiple Strokes

How to add multiple strokes to artworks


Animals creation

How to create animal designs


Blending Modes

How to use blending modes with the artworks


Blur vectors in Photoshop

How to blur them



How to use with channels


Combining layers

How to combine them


Creative cloud libraries

How to use them with CC libraries


Disable live artwork

How to convert live to regular


Displacement Maps creation

How to create amazing displacements / textures


Draw custom shape

How to draw them


Irregular Designs

How to generate irregular designs



How to export them


Face creation

How to create a face graphic


Fill Color

How to set the fill color


Fragments creation

How to create shapes from fragments


Frames creation

How to create frames



A quick guide to how to add glows using camera raw and gradients


Glow styles

A quick guide to adding a glow style


How to use them in different modes

How to use in CMYK etc



How to install them


Live artwork in PS

How to use live designs such as rectangles



How to mask vectors


Patterns creations

How to create a patterns


Recording Actions

How to record tools in actions


Rotate / turn the designs

How to rotate them


Saving the CSH designs

How to save CSH files from the panel


Convert paths to selections in Photoshop

How to convert paths to selections in Photoshop


Blur filter

How to use the powerful shape blur filter


Star creation

How to create star vector artworks

Subtract artwork

How to subtract designs in Photoshop


Options / settings for such as rectangles,etc etc

How to set specific sizes, constrained etc


Zigzag creation

How to create a zigzag vector design in Photoshop


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