How to create watercolor paint effect in Photoshop tutorial

How to create a watercolor paint effect using paths in Photoshop tutorial in CC 2018 2017 2015 etc

Watercolor paint effect using paths

How to create watercolor paint effect using Photoshop paths
  1. Create a white backgound and go to the shape tool in toolbar of Photoshop

  2. Create a new layer

  3. Select a preset and use path option and apply

  4. Filter menu and render and flame

  5. Set the custom color to yellow etc and use the flame type one flame along path

  6. Set width for the 'watercolor' paint to a low setting. Goto advanced and set opacity to low and click randomize option at bottom of panel - click ok

  7. Create a new layer and re-apply render using a different color and then repeat this multiple times


videoVideo tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


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Using different colors : colorfulYou can build up multiple layers with different renders in different colors. As the flame render comes with a number of randomization features, you can create multiple renders in red and green and blue etc to create all kinds of watercolor paint effects in Photoshop. Set the width to 5 etc and then set the custom color. Go to the advanced section and make the opacity very low and have randomize shapes on. You can also tweak the jag and turbalent values (keep low) as well as flame lines. There is a preview to show the general idea of the added flame.


To the right you can see a flame render of a circle path and greens and reds and blues have been used with subtle changes to the turbalent etc settings


Using blending modes and opacity and fade : opacity settingYou can add into the mix a number of different blending modes or perhaps set the opacity for the render layers to 50%. You can also apply the render and then go to the edit menu and use the fade command and change the opacity to less than 100% and change the blending to darken or lighten to create different watercolor Photoshop paint effect or sketch effects with the same shape.


On the right, the renders have been applied to a layer and the layer has then had the opacity setting reduced to 70% or so instead of just the standard 100%


Use same shape or not : screenYou can also use the same path (or custom shape) but you can also use the tools to shift the artwork or transform the designs and then re-render the design. You can also use the pen tools / curvature tool as well as direct selection tool to manipulate the path and move the points a little and then re-apply the flame render to create subtle different lines


In the image on the right the circle render has been slightly distorted and the render has been added in screen blending mode for the circle. The example is a circle but custom shapes can be used as well as perhaps a tracing of an image produced in Illustrator via the trace tool and re-imported into PS - though it should be noted that the application will throw up a warning that the render may be slow.


Use effects and tools to modify the layers : filtersYou can also then use tools such as the blur and smudge tool or filters such as liquify to move the individual paint on each of the layers to give the appearance of smearing and blending of the art. You can use this approach with a single vector design or perhaps use multiple vectors.


In the image on the right, a circle path has been used and a new layer has been created with each render and then effects such as blurs and liquify have been added to change the rendered circle


Saving the work : You can merge all the layers via the layer menu and then drag the merged layer into the CC library panel (found via the window menu) and the artwork is then saved to the Adobe server. The artwork can then also be used in applications such as Adobe Illustrator and After Effects and used in videos. You can save the design as a PSD file or PNG file or JPG and use the design in applications such as Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer and GIMP and Krita


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