Watercolor paint effect creation

How to create a watercolor paint effect using paths in Photoshop tutorial in CC 2018 2017 2015 etc

Tutorial steps

How to create watercolor paint effect using Photoshop paths
  1. Create a white backgound and go to the shape tool in toolbar of Photoshop

  2. Create a new layer

  3. Select a preset and use path option and apply

  4. Filter menu and render and flame

  5. Set the custom color to yellow etc and use the flame type one flame along path

  6. Set width for the 'watercolor' paint to a low setting. Goto advanced and set opacity to low and click randomize option at bottom of panel - click ok

  7. Create a new layer and re-apply render using a different color and then repeat this multiple times


Video tutorial on the subject by graphicxtras.com (youtube)


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