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Alien round font in OTF format for Photoshop, psp, Indesign ...

alien round free font


This is a font based around a very basic round rectangle line design / abstract shape variation. The font set is for free use, commercial use, all royalty free, all the artworks in the set are by / Andrew Buckle (c) 2017 Andrew Buckle. The font format is OTF and the alien round font should be installed via the control panel fonts section on the pc and via the fontbook application on the mac. Access the alien round font shape designs as you would with any font set via the glyphs panel or via the keyboard


alien round font set OTF freebie download

Example in Photoshop using the alien round font artwork character

alien round font design

  1. Select the type tool

  2. Set the font size (say 72pt)

  3. Select the font 'GX Alien round' from the typeface list

  4. Set the color to black

  5. Click document

  6. Type letter 'e' (or any other but e is a decent example)

  7. Move tool

  8. Show transform controls ON

  9. Rotate typed character

  10. Resize the character to fill screen

  11. Flatten layers via the layer menu flatten command

  12. Now go to the magic wand tool and select white (if white is the background color) area (surrounded by black lines)

  13. Select a color via the swatches (foreground color)

  14. edit menu and fill command and set to foreground color and OK

  15. Select new area

  16. Change swatch color / foreground

  17. Option / Alt + backspace (repeats the fill without dialog or just use the edit fill command again)

  18. Repeat over entire design with different colors to fill 'alien round' design

You can also now further modify this by using adjustment layers to re-color all the artwork. You could also apply effects to the artwork such as Analog Efex etc