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Welcome to the site where you can find 1000s of wonderful plugins / presets / brushes / pattern swatches / gradients / custom shapes / seamless patterns / Christmas items, decorative EPS fonts for use in Photoshop, Elements, psp, Affinity Photo, Illustrator, GIMP, Indesign, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, PaintStorm Studio, Corel Painter, Clip Studio Paint, Krita and many more. You can also find many free samplers, 100s of tutorials on Photoshop etc, videos, etc. All by / Andrew Buckle, all are for commercial and personal use, full extended license, all royalty free use. Updated: September 2018



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You can use all the items on this site to create items for resale, you can use them to create anything you wish. You can use the brushes and shapes etc to create t-shirts, book covers, record covers, illustrations, basic logos, shoes, phone covers, exercise book covers, trousers, pants, hats, pens, etc. There are no time limits on the use of any of the resources on the site, no usage limits, world wide use. All the resources on this site are by / Andrew Buckle. All the artworks have been created over the years by me using a variety of tools such as Illustrator and Poser and Photoshop with a little Affinity Photo and Designer in the mix. Please check the requirements. Most of the items work on the PC and MAC. E-mail : supportREMOVETHISASNOTPARTOFEMAIL Telephone: (+44. 1622 688 375 Andrew Buckle Site by Andrew Buckle (c) 1995-2018. We will not pass any of your details to other sites. We are only interested in creating wonderful products for you to use as well as to let you know of some great ways of creating your own designs via our tutorials. We do not store your details in any way


Dreamweaver synchronize speedup / faster

Microsoft 3D Paint and how to create 3D models




Latest tutorials added

How to create new tiles using symmetry and brushes

How to use new global editing in Illustrator

How to use brushes with symmetry in Photoshop ?

How to create a painted gradient look in Photoshop using snapshots ?


Pad files : Illustrator brushes / Patterns / Custom shapes / Photoshop brushes / gradients GRD / Illustrator symbols/ Rebelle stencils


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