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Photoshop shapes / brushes / patterns / plugins / PSP / Affinity / Illustrator

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Welcome to the graphicxtras.com site where you can find 1000s of wonderful plugins / presets / brushes / gradients / decorative EPS fonts for use in Photoshop, Elements, psp, Affinity Photo, Illustrator, GIMP, Indesign, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, PaintStorm Studio, Clip Studio Paint and many more. You can also find many free samplers, tutorials, videos, etc. All by graphicxtras.com / Andrew Buckle, commercial and personal use, full extended license, all royalty free use

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Links to all our products on graphicxtras.com such as the Arc shapes, Border brushes, Crescent shapes, Diagonal patterns, Easter egg shapes, Frame artworks, Grid shapes and more

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Commercial use, royalty free use for all our designs

You can use all the items on this site to create items for resale, you can use them to create anything you wish


No time limits

There are no time limits on the use of any of the resources on the site, no usage limits, world wide use


All are by graphicxtras.com

All the resources on this site are by graphicxtras.com / Andrew Buckle



Please check the requirements. Most of the items work on the PC and MAC. Most work with the latest releases as well as the older versions of Photoshop etc. Please note that the plugins are for a specific version set and applications


Presets For Corel ® Painter

There are many resource sets on the site that can be used with Painter. The brush / pattern PNG files do not work with the tool directly as the app uses 24bit only, so if you do wish to use the PNG files then you will have to convert them from 8bit to 24bit etc but there are some nozzles sets (the Painter image hose / nozzle sets were my first created sets anywhere) as well as Painter paper grains / textures The format of the nozzles and grains has changed over the years and the presets are in the older format but they are still supported by version 2016. The plugins for the PC available on this site work fine with the 64bit version of the application


Photoshop ® gradients

Gradients are probably an area of Photoshop and Elements that seems to be totally overlooked. Checking out the tutorials on the subject on the web, there seems to be a dearth of details and examples though I would suggest that you check out the Youtube.com graphicxtras channel for 100s of tutorials ideas on how to use them. Gradients, for me, are one of the most useful and creative features, along with custom shapes, in Photoshop as well as in PS Elements. The 32,000 colorful Photoshop gradients set is a useful toolkit for many great designs as you can use them like a vector design with any size of document or artwork. You can use them in multiple ways such as via the gradient tool and via the layer style dialog and layer fill as well as the standard fill (sadly there is no deco script feature for gradients as with patterns, perhaps that is one for the Photoshop CC 2017 CC 2018 ?). Of course, you can always turn the result of any gradient combination into a pattern and then use that in the deco scripts feature via the edit menu (not ideal but it is a workaround)


Photoshop styles

A really powerful feature of Photoshop has to be the layer effects which is a combination of gradients as well as bevel and glows and shadows and strokes. It is perhaps not as powerful as the Affinity Photo approach to the layer effects and I have seen even more features added in other apps. With the latest CC 2017 / 2015 release, even more features have been added to the dialog which can be found via the layer menu and via the styles panel. The Photoshop layer effect styles are stored in ASL format files and can be loaded into PS and PS Elements and use with any layers such as shape layers and type layers and basic raster layers. With CC, you can also use them in combination with other features in PS such as smart objects and adjustments.


Textures / displacements for Photoshop, psp etc

Many different sets are available for Photoshop and other applications in PSD format - our displacement / distortion maps sets for Affinity Photo, PaintShop Pro and Photoshop etc You can also find all our displacement map tutorials


Illustrator plugins

A key set of Illustrator CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 etc plugins available on graphicxtras.com for use in Illustrator CS5 CS4 CS3 etc and includes grids, zoom, contour effects and many more


Contact details

E-mail : support@graphicxtras.com. Telephone: (+44. 1622 688 375

Andrew Buckle Site by Andrew Buckle (c) 1995-2017.



We will not pass any of your details to other sites. We are only interested in creating wonderful products for you to use as well as to let you know of some great ways of creating your own designs via our tutorials. We do not store your details in any way


Terms of use

All our products are for use in commercial and personal work. You can use the resources such as the brushes and shapes in all your projects and all royalty free. You do not have to add any credit. There are no restrictions on time or location or number of uses. The tutorials are there to give you loads of new ideas so please feel free to read and use them in your projects.



Company producing plugins and shapes and brushes and patterns etc for use in Adobe ® Photoshop ®, Illustrator, PSP, After Effects and others. As well as production of tutorials and other material