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Last Modified : October 9th, 2015

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13,000 Photoshop Custom Shapes

An amazing collection to buy and use in all your projects. Commercial use as well as personal use, use them to create items that can be then sold CU4CU. Use them to create leaflets, parts of logos, books, adverts, packaging, documentation, web pages, borders, banners, hats, t-shirts, trousers, garments, posters, CD covers, comics, videos and much more - no restrictions. No time limits, world wide use, all royalty free. All the items are by this site, / Andrew Buckle. The set includes 1000s of great vector artwork that can be used to any size. You can combine them, re-color them, distort them, edit them, blend them, use them in photos, use them in imagery, use them as layers, store them in the CC libraries and much more to create billions and billions of amazing artworks for your projects or use them to create 100,000+ brushes or 100,000+ patterns and tiles for your projects. Set includes zigzags, letters, numbers, abstract, surreal, frames, stars, hearts etc. On purchase, you receive CSH files along with documentation and gallery and serial. See our video tutorials via the graphicxtras channel on Use them as cookie cutters and shapes in Photoshop Elements. Use them also in Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 CS4 etc as well as 2015 2014 creative cloud and standalone versions PC and MAC

16,000 Brushes for Adobe ® Illustrator

For CC 2015 & CS 6 5 4 3 2 1 2014 includes 3D, hexagons, paint effects, curved, embellishments and swirls, frames, arrows, blots and spots, rows, bits, ink strokes, diamonds, doodles, Christmas themed items and more. The set includes scatter and artistic brush strokes for use with Illustrator. Easy to use on the PC and mac, simply access the standard AI files via the brushes palette and add to paths / strokes / text etc and combine in millions of ways also. You can also just use them as a great resource for other vector designs as well such as normal paths and swatches and symbols and you can also save the work to the CC libraries and then access the artwork in Photoshop and After Effects etc. You can combine them in millions of ways. You can quickly add other paths to them to radically change the artwork. You can re-color them, warp them, blend them, use them with opacity, use them with effects, combine with images, use as a great source for frames and edges, you can distress them, smooth them, zigzag them and more. You can also save the artwork for use in Affinity Photo etc. Commercial use, all royalty free, all by Andrew Buckle / Use the artwork to create millions of different things, no restrictions. On purchase, you receive the artwork in AI files along with documentation and gallery and serial. You can find more about the Illustrator brushes via the video tutorials on graphicxtras