Photoshop ® brushes and patterns

Updated: April 20th, 2014


1000s of royalty-free, extended license, commercial use brushes and patterns and gradients for Photoshop, Illustrator and others for your projects. Regularly add new products as well as free items as well as many amazing video tutorials. All by Andrew Buckle. Stunning resources for Photoshop CC, Photoshop CS6, Photoshop CS5, CS4 CS3 CS2 etc as well as Photoshop 14-6 and Photoshop Elements 12 - 1 and PSP and others PC and MAC OS X



brushes3dantiqueaquaarrowsbatsbitmapschevron patternsdiamondsdinosaursdolphindogdot brushesface brushesfleur de lisflowersgreekheartshexagonshorsesjagged designslettersmetaballsmicenutcracker patternspandapolygonsrabbitsringsrosettesscrollssnowsnowmenspiralsstar patternsswirlstartantruchetweave patternszigzags

3D brushes for Photoshop / psp etc

Exciting cube and sphere designs for your projects

Abstract brushes

Curved and warped and totally surreal - you will be surprised by this amazing and stunning brushes set

Antique tile patterns

Oddball and wonderful. A mix of antique themed designs for your projects. Perfect for tiles

Aquarium tank brushes

Truly underwater action - a mix of weird and wacky realistic brush strokes

Arc brushes

Super lovely curved brush designs which can be combined in millions of ways for truly wow designs

Arrow brushes

Wonderful pointing designs, hi-impact, sizzling and dramatic designs for use in Photoshop and psp etc

Art nouveau brushes

Beautiful curved turn of the century (the last one) designs for all your projects.

Bee brushes

Perfect bee brush designs, cartoon as well as realistic and sketch designs

Binary code brushes

Hi-impact variations on 0101010101011110101 etc designs - great for generated

computer code brush strokes

Blurred ring patterns

Blurry ring pattern designs for millions of great effects

Border brushes for Photoshop etc

Complex border designs / frame designs and edge effects for all your projects

Butterfly patterns

Glorious sketch and realistic pattern designs, all seamless tiles for your projects

Car brushes

Stunning car designs for your work

Cat brushes

Feline wonderment, many different poses and expressive designs

Checkerboard brushes

Wonderful check / checkerboard white / black designs

Chevron patterns

Sharp and intense chevron pattern designs for Photoshop and psp and others

Chinese patterns

Colorful Chinese pattern designs

Christmas / festive brushes

Beautiful Christmas brush strokes including candles, ornaments, crackers and more

Circle brushes

Circular brush designs for all kinds of projects

Connection brushes

Stunning connective / lattice designs - combine the designs in millions of ways

Contour brushes

Wow 60s and opart designs - hi-impact and intense

Cow brushes

Mooooooooooo, great for any farm yard or field

Cross brushes

Religious and plus designs in all forms

Diamond brushes

Amazing diamond sharp brush designs

Dinosaur brushes

T-rex, raptors and more

Dog brushes

Many different dog breed designs, barking and growling

Dolphin brushes

Underwater action.

Dots brushes

Many different blots and dots and splatter designs

Easter egg brushes

Lovely to munch on and draw with in all your work. No chocolate included

Easter egg patterns

Lovely Easter themed pattern designs and seamless tiles

Face brushes

Face brushes, expressive face brush strokes

Female brushes

Gorgeous female designs for use in comics, books, illustrations and more

Flame / fire brushes

Total burn out brush strokes, also great for hot rods and tattoos

Flower brushes

Spring has arrived

Gothic brushes

Goth themed brush strokes including barbed designs, dark gothic etc

Greek ornament brushes

Lovely antique brush strokes - all from 500BC or a week or so

Heart brushes

Wow heart designs for love and romance

Hexagon brushes

Six sided brush strokes to amaze your friends

Horse brushes

Realistic and sketch horse brush strokes in many different poses

Jagged brushes

Intense jagged and angled brush strokes trangles

Letter brushes

A B C D E etc designs - powerful text and type brush strokes

Mice brushes

Really cute mice / mouse brushes - realistic and sketched

Number brushes / patterns

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 - super designs for your number themed work

Overlay brushes

Powerful textured overlay brush strokes

Panda bear brushes

Wow panda bear designs in many different poses for your brush strokes

Patterns tiles

2,900 amazing pattern tiles for your work, use as layers and more

Polygon brushes

Triangular and pentagon and more brushes

Radial brushes

Wow radial brush stroke designs from the basic to the weird and abstract

Ring patterns

Lovely ring themed patterns seamless tiles for Photoshop, psp etc

Rose petal patterns

Beautiful rose petal seamless tiles in all kinds of style

SF Ray gun brushes

Blast your way through - brushes and patterns

Snowflake brushes

Beautiful snowflake designs for a crisp winter

Starburst brushes

Hi-impact star burst designs

Stripe patterns

Gorgeous colorful stripe pattern designs for Photoshop, psp etc

Swirl patterns

Awesome swirly patterns for your projects

Tartan patterns

Tartan and thread patterns to be exact for Photoshop, psp etc

Triangle brushes

A whole range of crazy triangle designs as brushes, how amazing

Vintage type brushes

Old and ancient vintage type designs for your delight

Other graphic resources on graphicxtras


free items for Photoshop and elements - free brush strokes and patterns and more

Vector dynamic textures

Free vector textures product set - 25 textures for Illustrator and others in SVG format. Free download. The textures are for commercial use and can be used in applications that support SVG. The SVG files can also be used on web pages / backgrounds etc. If you wish to use the textures in Photoshop, open the designs in Illustrator and then copy the designs via the pasteboard into Photoshop where the designs can be used as textures, backgrounds, patterns and even brushes.

50 Photoshop brushes ABR freebie

Free download Added March 1st, 2014 - Free download of brushes in ABR. The brushes are for commercial use. Load the ABR brushes via the brushes palette in Photoshop and elements or double click the ABR file. Once loaded, use the ABR brushes via the brushes tools in Photoshop and elements toolbox

10 Number themed brushes / patterns for Photoshop etc

Free 10 PNG number brushes / patterns designs for Photoshop, PSP, Indesign, Painter, Elements etc PC and MAC. The number brushes and designs are all for commercial use, by graphicxtras (Andrew Buckle). Load into Photoshop via the file open command or use file place and use as a layer. You can also then define the brush and pattern via the edit menu. Combine to create even more unique and wonderful number designs. There is a numbers full release set of 100 brushes / patterns available (more to follow)

Free 10 Heart brushes sampler

Free 10 heart brushes for use in Photoshop, PaintShop Pro etc - all the designs are for commercial use. PNG format. There are many more heart brushes available via the heart brushes page

Free Easter egg patterns for Photoshop etc

A selection of 10 Easter egg patterns in PNG format, you can load the PNG designs via the Photoshop file open command and use the edit menu define brush and define pattern and use the designs in 1000s of ways. Commercial use. For PSP, place the PNG files in the patterns folder (you can also use them as a source for easter egg picture tubes etc)

Free Easter egg brushes for Photoshop, psp etc

12 Free brushes in PNG format, load the brushes via the edit menu define brush command (once you have opened the brushes file) Commercial use


video tutorials for Photoshop and elements and Illustrator installation and making and adding designs

Video tutorials on Photoshop brushes / patterns playlists

Learn more about the Illustrator styles, Illustrator swatches, Illustrator brushes, Photoshop / psp brushes, Photoshop atterns etc via our video sections. We now have 600+ videos showing the installation and use as well as tons of creative and useful hints and tips on how to use the resources on this site as well as related material. All the videos are by me / educational videos. Please check them out via graphicxtras as well as graphicxtras1 (mainly shorter tutorial videos)


The videos on Photoshop shapes etc includes a lot of information such as how to install the shapes / brushes etc as well as how to apply them (such as via the Photoshop toolbox) as well as how to combine the shapes / brushes / patterns or blend them or how to re-color the shapes / brushes / patterns / fonts etc as well as how to create the fonts and how to delete the items. The videos also show many of the items included in the sets as well as details about the different versions of Photoshop and Illustrator and PSP. The videos also include many additional pieces of information such as about layer masks, transparency, 3D layers, how to transform designs, how to create crosses / polygon designs and much more. The videos are on youtube though there are also a few videos available via vidmeo as well. The videos are generally short (well, they are now - some of the older videos are a lot longer and perhaps the sound was not as good as it is now).


photoshop brushes 10000 strokes mixed designs smeared and stars and dotted designs

10,000 Brushes for Photoshop and Elements

One of the most popular sets on the site being the brushes collection set for Photoshop and elements. All the brushes are in Photoshop 6 ABR format and can be used with Photoshop CC (creative cloud) as well as Photoshop CS6 CS5 CS4 etc as well as Photoshop elements 12 - 1 and the standalone versions of Photoshop 14-6. The brushes set includes many different ABR files and they can all be loaded into Photoshop and elements via the presets brushes folder. You can load all the brushes via the brush tools in the Photoshop toolbox such as the art history tool, clone tool, blur tool, burn tool, dodge tool, pattern stamp tool and many others. The brushes are mixed sizes and include scratchy brushes, ink brushes, pencil brushes, distorted brushes, gradient brushes, star brushes and many more. As with all the sets on this site, you can use them to create millions of different designs on the PC and mac. All for commercial use

Shapes and fonts sets

If you are looking for our fonts and shapes, you can still find them on this site but the pages are not going to be added such as new free samplers, videos etc you can find all our latest and greatest custom shapes and font sets via the website

Brushes as images sources

Most of the brushes sets on this site can be used for more than just Photoshop brushes, PSP brushes, Painter brushes, you can use the brushes to create pattern designs and tiles as well as displacement maps. You can also use the PNG brush strokes as layers in Photoshop and PSP and combine the designs in millions of ways to create items for your websites, for sale on, on cafepress, for packaging, adverts, skateboards, textiles, ceramics etc. The PNG files can just be opened via the file open command as well as the file place command - no need to ever use them as brushes

Photoshop 14.2 / Illustrator 17.1 Release - January 2014 update

Yet another new update of the creative cloud, and this release offers a whole load of new treats (and things to learn) for users of Photoshop and Illustrator. All the presets such as the shapes, brushes etc work exactly the same as they always have since the early versions of Photoshop. Photoshop 14.2 introduces a load of new 3D features (none of use for me at present without a 3D printer) as well as perspective warp (wrong kind of video card) but the pattern features via the scripted patterns in 14.2 are a major improvement for me such as the new path option, tree pattern, picture frame pattern feature (though not really patterns as far as I can see, they are still pretty good). I have already created a number of videos on the subject of the patterns as well as some of the other new features in Photoshop 14.2. Literally millions of amazing designs can be created with the new pattern / script / interface and now the scripts no longer need to be edited (saying that, they are now particularly difficult to edit as the code has been increased dramatically). Illustrator 17.1 comes with some really nice round / live corner features as well as some lovely drawing and path manipulation features and they make creating paths a real breeze. More can be done I am certain but this a really nice addition to the toolbox. Talking about toolboxes, one really handy Illustrator 17.1 addition is the custom panels which means you can now really avoid the main toolbox all together and create your own tool sets which can be useful for quick access to certain tools (pity it is not possible to set up multiple copies of the same tool on the toolbox with different preset settings - now that would be useful). Great new release and definitely worth downloading from the creative cloud. I haven't noticed any issues with plugins either which is always a relief. I had to re-install my copy of Photoshop to install the update but that is probably a result of a mess of changes by me over time or something but other than that, this update has been fine.

More information about Photoshop etc

You can find even more information about Photoshop via the wiki page about Photoshop, with details about the versions and also information about the brushes, what items were added and a potted history of Photoshop. To find out about Photoshop brushes via the Adobe site, check the modify brushes section

Commercial use / CU4CU for Photoshop etc

You can use any of the designs on this site (once purchased) in virtually anything such as logos, packaging, creating items for sale, web pages, web sites, packaging, adverts, videos, mugs, ceramics, textiles, wallpaper, skateboards, surfboards, posters and much more


Amazon books and records etc to buy


Selling graphicxtras shapes and brushes for Photoshop etc .. and make some money

You can, if you wish, sign up and sell some of our products via your site or blog or FB or .. well, it is quick and easy to signup. Any questions, please let us know. All the sale transactions are handled by secure They also handle the payments and send the money onto your bank account. It is 20% of each and every sale. Which I think is pretty decent. You can do as much or as little as you want. If you want to use some of the designs on these pages, please feel free to copy them and tweak them to use them with the links Signup page for Abneil Software Ltd /



brushes ringed designs random fill and antique brushes effect for Photoshop in sepia

Photoshop / PSP brushes

The brushes sets on used to always include ABR as the default, with later versions the brushes sets also added PNG as well. The PNG files meant that the Photoshop brushes (which now includes spiral brushes, star brushes, cat brushes, dog brushes etc) were also useful in other applications such as PaintShop Pro, Painter, GIMP, Photo-Paint and many others on the PC and MAC. The PNG files also mean that the designs can be used as a great source for patterns as well as displacement maps as well as just layers and image elements. The PNG files also can be quickly modified and combined in millions of combinations so a vast number of unique brush strokes can be created. The brushes are easy to add to the applications - in most cases, simply open the file and then use the native define or selection method in the application. In the most recent sets on this site, the brushes sets now include only the PNG files as there are Photoshop actions included (and you can make your own) that quickly create the brushes ABR file. Anyway, the PNG files are a wonderful resource for all your projects. If you don't see a list of all the applications that they can be used with and you have some concerns then please check out the free / samplers that are often on many of the pages and if you can't see a sampler or two, please e-mail us for a free sampler of the brushes or send us a tweet or message on google+ or on youtube etc

Zazzle / Cafepress

You can find many of our products on Zazzle as well as, you can also use our shapes / brushes etc to create new items for Zazzle and Cafepress

Adobe Creative Cloud

Most of our products work fine in the Adobe Creative Cloud. Brushes, custom shapes, patterns, fonts, displacement maps, patterns are all fine in Photoshop Creative Cloud and Illustrator Creative Cloud as well as other software applications. If they worked fine in CS4 CS5 etc then they work fine in CC. The Photoshop plug-ins, however, are for Creative Cloud but only for the 32bit PC versions. Illustrator plug-ins on this site are only for CS5 CS4 etc and will not work in CC, though the Illustrator brushes, shapes, / symbols etc will work fine. Adobe / USA / United States. With the Adobe Creative Cloud, the version numbers for Photoshop and Illustrator are now going to be a little more complex. All the items that work fine with Photoshop 14 work fine with Photoshop 14.1 and Photoshop 14.2 and unless stated will probably work fine in Photoshop 14.3 Photoshop 14.4 etc and likewise for Illustrator 17 and Illustrator 17.1 and Illustrator 17.2 and Illustrator 17.3 etc. The key thing is that the application works on a particular platform, the resources used are generally supported for quite a while so unless Adobe release a totally different brushes system then it is quite likely the brushes will be supported fine for quite a while yet. It is also another reason why I have been creating my shapes and brushes and patterns with a more universal system of PNG format and TTF truetype font format to avoid any possible future issues with the resources. The only changes with Adobe Creative Cloud will be probably the approaches and certain tools within the application such as the removal of the variations tool (I miss that) and not the resources. The resources side of things will probably keep growing as I often wonder whether or not to start adding 3D features to my site as well as shapes and brushes etc. Plugins, as mentioned, are different as they are binary compiled libraries and they do rely on the host application and with the SDK changes it was not possible for me to continue (at present) the support for the Illustrator plugins.




Photoshop patterns / PSP / Xara and more

The patterns for Photoshop are in standard PAT in many cases but most of the sets also include the same designs in PNG format (or JPG) and those can be used in countless applications such as PaintShop Pro X6 X5 X4 X3 X2 etc as well as GIMP, Xara, Painter and others. You can use them as patterns but they are also great sources for images as well as brushes and displacements and others. The pattern set designs are all seamless tiles and can be used to create designs of any size though if you use a small pattern tile, a large document will result in a lot of repeats of the tile. The pattern sets include Nutcracker Christmas patterns, truchet, star patterns, flower patterns, metaball patterns, cat patterns and many more. The patterns can be used in Photoshop in many ways such as via the layer menu new fill layer command (very useful as the patterns can be combined as well as re-scaled). The patterns can also be used with the powerful pattern stamp tool as well as via the layer effects / styles dialog as a pattern overlay, stroke patterns as well as textures in bevels. With the more recent versions of Photoshop, the patterns can be used with the custom shapes as fills and as strokes (which can be combined well with the layer styles). With the most recent version of Photoshop, you can now also use the pattern tiles in more amazing ways with the deco script feature found via the edit menu fill command (pattern option). Photoshop comes with a small number of deco scripts that can be used to fill patterns in even more amazing ways such as symmetry fills, brick fills and more. With the deco script option, it really helps if the pattern has transparency as the transparency means the pattern tiles can be layered on top of each other instead of being displayed as a single square dab. Many of the Photoshop patterns sets on this site contain transparency patterns so you can use them for amazing designs with the deco script / pattern feature.

Filter factory plug-ins and code / freeware for Photoshop etc - 1000 filters

Probably not many people remember the plugins that I created back in 1995-1996 or so (in Nijmegan, Holland mainly), I had them tucked away for quite a while. The Andrew's filters plugins were generally stored on the Steve's desktop Photography site (excellent site by Steve Fisher) but as the plugins probably can't run (I haven't checked for a while) I have decided to release the code set for all the 1000 filters. Please feel free to use the coding in any development of plugins, apps, etc as required. There is a short license included such as who created the code. Use at your own risk (means we are not supporting them any more!) They are non-exclusive so they can be used by anyone. No time limits etc. The zip file contains the code in the text file format and an AFS format. Hope you find them of interest and any link back to this page source is always welcome. Please download the file and use the code as required. I still occasionally dip into the ideas and code myself and use some in my latest plugin tools as well. Please note that the layout and naming convention might be different from how you remember them as I had a different setup from Steve's site

Illustrator plug-ins

The Illustrator plugins are for use on the PC and mac OS X. They are generally for CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 10. There are no plans at present to update the existing ones to CC1 / CC7 but that might change. There are developments of plugins but they are different from the exisitng sets. The plug-ins include a wide range of different features such as manipulation of symbols, circular / windmill effects, paint on effects, spray / particle plug-in effects, grids, perspective grid tools and more. The plugins are all in standard AIP format and can be used either on the PC or MAC. The Illustrator plugins need to be installed simply by adding the AIP plugins to the plugins path of Illustrator and on startup Illustrator adds the plugins to the toolbox or the object menu filter. The Illustrator plugins are a mix of tools and can be used to manipulate existing paths as well as add additional paths to Illustrator. Even though I am currently not adding plugins to my site, there are still many companies developing and adding new Illustrator plugins to the application. One such company being Astute Graphics. Astute Graphics have now a number of superb plugins available and these are all available via their site. I regularly use the MirrorMe plugin from Astute Graphics along with VectorScribe, InkScribe, DrawScribe, Phantasm and others and they are totally recommended. I have also added many video tutorials on the subject of the Mirrorme plugin and VectorScribe. Personally, I think the Mirrorme plugin is probably the best Illustrator plugin available (though this depends on what you wish to achieve from the application, of course) and it is the one plugin from Astute that I would love to see ported into Photoshop as the tool would be a wonderful addition to that application. As many people are probably now using the Adobe Creative Cloud, most people are probably using a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator so perhaps porting the MirrorMe plugin to Photoshop is now not such an issue. There have been many superb plugins for Illustrator available (many on this site!!) and sadly some that are no longer available. Until recently I used to continue to use Illustrator CS2 as well as the current version as many Illustrator plugins such as FilterIt, Vector Studio etc were available. I would suggest that you check out those wonderful plugins as well. animal shapes, checkerboard shapes, zigzag shapes, abstract shapes, people shapes and many more.

Photoshop gradients

Photoshop gradients are a very useful and colorful feature of the resource kit of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. It is, like Photoshop custom shapes, an area that I am certain Photoshop could do a lot more with. I would love to see more Photoshop gradient types added, even a repeat gradient feature would be a nice addition to the tool. Perhaps more auto-generation gradients as well such as adding 100 gradient stops with alternating color etc. Anyway, the Photoshop gradients are still a powerful feature of the application and can be used in many areas such as combined with Photoshop custom shapes, Photoshop brushes as well as patterns and even displacement maps and other features.

Tutorial: How to use the Polar grid tool in Illustrator

The polar grid tool is fairly overlooked (as with the flare tool). It can be used to create a variety of interesting designs such as rings, concentric circles, slices, colorful filled grids and more. The polar grid in Illustrator can be combined, effects can be applied, the designs can be exported, the polar grids can be warped and transformed and much more. Read about some of the features of the polar grid tool via the article link above.

Tutorial: How to use Flare tool in Illustrator

The flare tool is probably one of the more ignored tools in Illustrator (CC CS6 or CS5 etc) but it a gem and really should be checked out and tried and explored. The flare tool can be found under the rectangle tool in the Illustrator toolbox. It is a two part tool in that you create the initial flare and then the rings, can't think of any other tool that works this way in Illustrator. The rings can be applied in any direction away from the initial flare (which cannot be totally removed, which I find odd - there really should be a checkbox to remove the initial flare and just leave the rings. Find out more about the flare tool via the article link above

Reviews of the products

From Monica Bota

Wonderful designs, absolutely love them! Amazing selection to choose from. Highly recommended. It's a real pleasure to browse the site and there's always something new and a pleasant surprise. Also, easy to navigate. Thanks Andrew. Hope you never stop creating


From Iryne Cummins of Pixlwrks Studio)

I LOVE YOUR STUFF!!! I have the craziest uses for all of this -- I'm a jewelry Designer, and using the shapes, layers and strokes to design jewelry has been phenomenal! I going to write to Photoshop User and tell everyone to your stuff


From Ann Brown (

"Thank you for having enough time on your hands to sit and create all these lovelies, Andrew. There are zillions of them and they are very affordable. I'm sure I will find many uses for them"


From Carol Goodell Bingham Farms, Michigan, USA Member: MacGroup Detroit/NAPP USA:

"From my perspective, using tools from Abneil Software Ltd/tools . for Adobe ® Photoshop ® leads me to places and designs I would never have arrived at without them. The path itself is exciting and allows my artist's soul to play freely and happily." USA

Reviews of other software

The other software in question are all from Astute Graphics: MirrorMe, VectorScribe and DrawScribe.


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