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Updated : 2021

Affinity Designer Tutorials

Cog tool tutorial

Contour Tool tutorial

Convert text to path / curves

Corner tool

EPS - Open / place EPS files tutorial

Grids / layout tutorial

Group layers tutorial

Symbols tutorial

Affinity Photo Tutorials

Contour text effect tutorial

Copy Photoshop patterns to Affinity Photo

Displacement maps from Photoshop tutorial

Extensions adding into Apple Photo / Photos Tutorial

Grid in Affinity Photo and settings tutorial

Image Brushes Creation from Selections in Affinity Photo

Import Photoshop brush ABR into Affinity Photo tutorial

Slicing text in Affinity Photo tutorial

Snapshots in Affinity Photo tutorial

Sub Brushes creation tutorial

Affinity Photo Filters Tutorials

Add noise filter

Affine filter

Average Filter

Bilateral Blur filter

Box Blur filter

Channels and Affinity Photo Filters tutorial

Clarity filter

Custom blur filter

Deform filter tutorial

Denoise filter

Depth of Field Blur filter

Diffuse filter

Diffuse Glow filter

Displace filter

Equations filter Editor

Field Blur Filter

Gaussian Blur filter

High Pass filter / edge Sharpening

Lens Blur filter

Lens Distortion filter

Live filter layers tutorial

Maximum blur filter

Median blur filter

Minimum blur filter

Mirror filter

Motion Blur filter

Perspective filter

Pinch punch filter

Pixelate filter

Polar to rectangular filter

Radial Blur filter

Rectangular to polar filter

Ripple filter

Shear filter

Spherical filter

Twirl filter

Unsharp mask filter

Zoom blur filter

Affinity Photo Layers Tutorials

Mirror effect and pattern layers

Affinity Photo Tools Tutorials

Cloud tool in Affinity Photo how to use tutorial

Affinity Photo Effects Tutorials

Liquefied Warped Lines tutorial

Patchwork Effect Tutorial

Ripple Crunched / 'Dr Who' (tm) intro like effect tutorial

Fonts Tutorials

Install a font on my Windows PC

Create Zig Zag Font using Illustrator and FontLab tutorial

Illustrator General Tutorials

Circular track path creation in Adobe Illustrator tutorial

Crop image in Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Cut a circle in half tutorial

Dotted line creation in Adobe Illustrator tutorial

Export SVG files in Illustrator Tutorial

Fontself Maker Extension in Illustrator tutorial

Mosaic effect in Illustrator using crop image

Pie slice creation tutorial

Save Selection in Adobe Illustrator tutorial

Sea waves creation using mesh tool in Illustrator tutorial

Tilde ~ (Grave ` keyboard) tricks in Adobe Illustrator tutorial

Illustrator Brushes Tutorials

Blob Brush for Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Bristle brushes in Adobe Illustrator - create and use bristles

Calligraphic brush creation in Adobe Illustrator tutorial

Color / tint the brushes in Adobe Illustrator tutorial

Convert Illustrator brushes from art to scatter tutorial

Grain / textures added to brushes tutorial

Illustrator brushes from a Photoshop brush stroke tutorial

Photos / Images as Illustrator Brushes Tutorial

Text and type with brushes tutorial

Illustrator Gradients Tutorials

Gradients and repeat object in Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator Graphic Styles Tutorial

Color models and graphic styles Tutorial

Frame creation using graphic styles in Adobe Illustrator

Modify / edit graphic styles via appearance panel tutorial

Rasterize graphic styles in Adobe Illustrator tutorial

Symbol creation from an Illustrator graphic style tutorial

Load / install graphic styles in Illustrator tutorial

Use the graphic styles all in one go in Adobe Illustrator

Sphere creation using Illustrator graphic Styles Tutorial

Illustrator Live Effects Tutorials

Scribble Live Effect for Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Illustrator Swatches Patterns Tutorial

Images as pattern swatches in Adobe Illustrator tutorial

Open swatches / patterns in Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Adjust color balance for Adobe Illustrator pattern swatches

Combine multiple (merge) Illustrator swatches tutorial

Illustrator Swatches / patterns [TODO]

Illustrator Symbols Tutorials

Blur Illustrator symbols

Brushes as symbols in Illustrator tutorial

Change color of a symbol in Illustrator tutorial

Color symbols by adding Illustrator pattern swatches tutorial

Convert static symbols to dynamic tutorial

Dynamic Symbols in Adobe Illustrator Tutorial / recolor

Export symbols / shapes to other formats tutorial

Instant splatter backgrounds using symbols in Illustrator

Place symbol in Adobe Illustrator

Replace symbol instances in Adobe Illustrator tutorial

Illustrator Tools Tutorials

Arc tool in Illustrator

Blend tool in Adobe Illustrator tutorial

Concentric circles creation in Illustrator

Curvature tool for Adobe Illustrator tutorial

Crystallize Tool in Adobe Illustrator

Edit tools / restore / reset / find missing tools tutorial

Ellipse live shapes tool in Adobe Illustrator tutorial

Eraser tool in Adobe Illustrator tutorial, how to use

Flare Tool for Adobe Illustrator Tutorial : halo, rings, styles

(Gradient) Mesh tool in Adobe Illustrator tutorial

Join tool for Adobe Illustrator tutorial and trimming paths

Line Segment Tool for Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Path Eraser Tool in Illustrator Tutorial

Pathfinder tool / panel in Adobe Illustrator tutorial

Polar Grid Tool for Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Radial shapes creation for Illustrator Tutorial

Rectangular grid tool for Adobe Illustrator tutorial

Ripple circular creation in Illustrator

Spiral tool - enhance spirals Tutorial

Starburst creation in Illustrator tutorial

Touch Type Tool for Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Variable Width Strokes / Width Tool Illustrator Tutorial

Wrinkle tool tutorial

Illustrator Type Tutorials

Blend type objects in Adobe Illustrator tutorial

Glyphs in Adobe Illustrator tutorial

Warp type in Adobe Illustrator tutorial

Photoshop General Tutorials

Abstract swirly image creation in Photoshop tutorial

Adobe Generator for Adobe Photoshop and Image Assets

Arrow drawing in Photoshop tutorial

Circular contour creation with random colors tutorial

Creative cloud libraries tutorial

Diagonal line creation in Photoshop tutorial

EPS - Open and place EPS files

GIF creation in Photoshop tutorial

History log in Photoshop to store work flow / accounting

Honeycomb frame creation in Photoshop tutorial

LUT / Color Lookup Tables Creation in Photoshop Tutorial

Nozzles - a workaround Tutorial

Path operations - Unite / Combine / Subtract / Intersect

Place / open PDF document in Photoshop tutorial

Polar Grid designs in Photoshop

Search command in Photoshop tutorial

Quickly switch Photoshop blending modes tutorial

Photoshop Type Tutorials

Add Background Color to type in Photoshop tutorial how to

Photoshop Adjustments Tutorials

Brighten a layer in Photoshop tutorial

Gradient Map Adjustments in Photoshop Tutorial

Re-color Photoshop patterns using adjustments tutorial

Photoshop Tools Tutorials

Count Tool in Adobe ® Photoshop Tutorial

Customize Photoshop Toolbar in CC tutorial

Frame tool in Photoshop

Hexagon shape creation using polygon tool etc tutorial

Impressionist tool in Photoshop (pattern stamp)

Keyboard tool shortcuts tutorial

Note tool tutorial

Pen tool in Adobe Photoshop tutorial

Triangle creation in Photoshop / triangle tool tutorial

Photoshop Brushes Tutorials

ABR and Photoshop brushes format tutorial

Blending modes with Photoshop brushes tutorial

Channels and Photoshop Brushes / split / merge tutorial

Create brushes from Photoshop custom shapes Tutorial

Define / make a Photoshop brush tutorial

Define / create a new brush from Photoshop patterns tutorial

Dual brushes in brushes setting tutorial

Export Photoshop brushes for use in PSP, Painter etc tutorial

Image modes and brushes tutorial

Images and making Photoshop brushes tutorial

Install / Load / Import Photoshop Brushes Tutorial

Line brush creation tutorial

Polka dot brushes creation in Photoshop creation tutorial

Shapes creation using Photoshop brushes Tutorial

Size / diameter of Photoshop brushes tutorial

Smooth sketch effect using art history

Symmetry and brushes tutorial

Tool presets picker in Photoshop and new presets

Toolbar brushes tutorial

Photoshop Displacement Maps Tutorials

Shapes and creating displacement maps

Photoshop Filters Tutorials

Bas relief filter and creating gradients tutorial

Cutout filter in Photoshop tutorial

Displace filter and displacement maps tutorial

Fibers Filter and Glowing strands creation tutorial

Flame filter in Photoshop tutorial

Folding / rippled / dune / fabric creation 3D landscape tutorial

Glass filter for Adobe Photoshop / displacement maps tutorial

Halftone filter / Circle background Photoshop

Halftone filter Op art and black and white halftone dots

Maximum filter for Adobe Photoshop tutorial

Neural filters overview

Picture Frame Filter and Frame Creation tutorial

Pointillize filter in Photoshop tutorial how to

Ripple filter : Create Psychedelic gradient ripples

Shape blur filter in Photoshop tutorial

Spin Blur Filter in Photoshop

Texturizer filter and displacement maps in Photoshop

Twirl filter in Photoshop tutorial

Photoshop Gradients Tutorial

3D extreme model creation tutorial

Blending modes and gradients tutorial

Color Channels and Photoshop Gradients Tutorial

Contour creation using Photoshop Gradients Tutorial

Frame creation using Photoshop Gradients Tutorial

Image modes and gradients (RGB / CMYK)

Layer styles and gradients tutorial

Load / install / Import Photoshop gradients tutorial

Masks and gradient fill layers

New gradient creation in Photoshop tutorial

Scratchy textures creation using Photoshop gradients Tutorial

Transparency / opacity stops added to Photoshop gradients

Type / text with Photoshop Gradients Tutorial

Types / styles (linear, radial, diamond, angle) for the gradients

Vertical gradient creation in Photoshop tutorial

Photoshop Patterns Tutorials

Brushes and pattern creation tutorial

Binary code / computer code pattern creation tutorial

Color Triangle Pattern creation in Photoshop Tutorial

Custom shapes and creating amazing patterns Tutorial

Define / create patterns in Photoshop tutorial

Dilative symmetry patterns tutorial

Images and pattern creation tutorial

'Place along path' pattern with shapes as paths tutorial

Pyramid pattern creation in Photoshop tutorial

Random color square grid creation tutorial

Random fill pattern (Scripts) in Photoshop tutorial

Rectangle Shapes for Background fills Tutorial

Rotation angle for pattern tutorial

Two Triangle color pattern creation tutorial

Photoshop Shapes Tutorial

3D extrusions from custom shapes tutorial

Add multiple shapes for a Photoshop smart object

Animal shapes creation using multiple apps

Arrow shape creation tutorial

Blending Modes for Adobe Photoshop Shapes Tutorial

Channels and shapes tutorial

Dash / Feather / Custom Shape properties

Diamond shapes creation

Export custom shapes as vectors / rasters

Face shape creation in Photoshop tutorial

Fill color of Photoshop custom shapes changing tutorial

Flame filter and custom shapes tutorial

Fragments or parts of custom shapes

Freeform Pen Tool and Custom Shapes

Glow added to Custom shape in Photoshop tutorial

Guides creation from custom shapes tutorial

Image modes with Photoshop custom shapes Tutorial

Install / load custom shapes into Photoshop Tutorial

Irregular vector shapes drawing in Photoshop tutorial

Live shapes to regular in Photoshop tutorial

Multiple custom shapes loading into Photoshop tutorial

Multiple strokes to Photoshop custom shapes tutorials

Options / settings in Photoshop tutorial

Rotate Photoshop custom shapes tutorial

Record custom shape actions in Photoshop tutorial

Selection creation from Photoshop shapes tutorial

Star Shapes Creation in Photoshop Tutorial

Zigzag custom shape creation in Photoshop tutorial

Photoshop Styles Tutorials

Frame creation using styles tutorial

Multiple Gradients and layer styles in Photoshop tutorial

Rotate styles / layer styles in Photoshop

Corel Painter Filters Tutorials

Blobs filter for Corel ® Painter tutorial

Painter Nozzles Tutorials

Place elements effect in Painter and nozzles tutorial

Painter Patterns Tutorials

Capturing Patterns in Painter Tutorial

Painter Grains Textures Tutorials

Capturing Paper Textures / Grain in Painter Tutorial

3D surfaces with Paper Textures in Corel Painter tutorial

Adobe Fuse Tutorials

How to use Adobe Fuse and Photoshop Creative Cloud Tutorial

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Plugins for After Effects

Astute Graphics Tutorials

DrawScribe filter / plugin review for Adobe Illustrator

Extend path tool plugin for Adobe Illustrator tutorial

MirrorMe Plugin for Adobe Illustrator Review / tutorial

Plugins from Astute Graphics for Adobe Illustrator review

Space fill Plugin for Adobe Illustrator tutorial

Symbol Stipplism Plugin for Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

VectorScribe Plugin for Adobe Illustrator Review / tutorial

Scopeworks Tutorials

WareTo ScopeWorks Kaleidoscope grid tutorial

Escape Motions Rebelle Tutorial

Add brushes to Rebelle Tutorial

Transform layers in Rebelle tutorial, how to

Flame Painter Pro Tutorials

Paint dabs layers and Flame Painter Tutorial

Smoke effect / Brush in Flame Painter tutorial

Vector layers and Flame Painter Tutorial

Krita Tutorials

Bevel painting with Krita tutorial

Create radial speed lines in Krita tutorial

Fill Layers in Krita tutorial

PaintStorm Studio Tutorials

Import Photoshop brushes ABR into Paintstorm Studio

Seamless mode in PaintStorm Studio tutorial / Patterns

Patterno Tutorials

Patterno and Text filter Tutorial / Font designs

Adobe Dreamweaver Tutorials

Speed up (faster) Dreamweaver synchronize

Logoist Tutorials

Copy / Export Paths From Illustrator to Logoist Tutorial

Illustrator Filters Plugins

Plugins for Adobe Illustrator directory

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